25th and 26th August 2012

NOTE: Contest is always on the last FULL weekend of August


All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to participate. Also open to SWLs.


Participation: YL works everyone, OMs & Clubs work YLs only.

One contest (combined phone and CW) run over 20 hours.


Saturday 25th August 2012 ………… 0400 hours UTC to 1359 hours UTC

Sunday 26th August 2012……………. 0400 hours UTC to 1359 hours UTC


Bands to be used are 3.5, 7, 14, 21 and 28 mHz only.
The following are suggested frequencies for easier location of contacts:

  • 28.380 to 28.410
  • 21.170 to 21.200 and 21.380 to 21.410
  • 14.250 to 14.280
  • 7.070 to 7.100
  • 3.560 to 3.590


  • Single operator only (1 operator per call sign)

N.B. If YL is operating as a 2nd operator her husband/partner CANNOT participate in the contest.

  • Every individual phone or CW contact may be counted
  • There must be an interval of greater than 1 hour between contacts with any one station on any one band and in the same mode.
  • No net or list operations.
  • No crossmode operations.
  • No crossband operations.
  • All contacts must be made in accordance with operator and station licence regulations.


  • Phone:
  • CW:
    • YLs call “CQ TEST ALARA”
    • OMs call “CQ YL”


ALARA member: RS or RST, serial no. starting at 001, ALARA member, name.
YL non-member,OM or Club: RS or RST, serial no. starting at 001, name, and whether Club station.
OMs, Clubs & SWLs work YLs only.


  • Phone:
    • 5 points for ALARA member contacted
    • 4 points for YL non-member contacted
    • 3 points for OM or Club station contacted
  • CW:
    • All contacts made on CW count for double points
  • OM, SWL, & CLUB;
    • 5 points for ALARA member contacted
    • 4 points for YL non-member contacted


Single log entry. Logs must show date/time UTC, band, mode, callsign worked, report and serial no. sent, report and serial no. received,

name of operator of station worked whether it is a Club station and points claimed.

Sample Log

Date UTC Time UTC Band MHz Mode Callsign RS(T) & Serial No. Sent RS(T) & Serial No. Rcd Name Points
29/10 0135 28 SSB VK3DE 59001 58028 Bev 5
0141 21 CW VK3KS 599002 599045 Mavis 10
0600 14 SSB FK8FA 59025 59011 Aimee 5
1100 3.5 CW VK7LUV 599129 599004 Susan 10
1103 3.5 SSB VK3BSP 59130 59006 Joe (Club) 3

LOGS MUST BE SIGNED. Logs also to show full name, callsign and address of operator, and show final score (points claimed). Logs must be legible. No carbon copies. No logs will be returned. Decision of the Contest Manager will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Logs MUST be received by the Contest Manager by: 30th September, 2012


Mrs Lesley Smit VK5LOL
4 Perry Barr Road
OR: alaracontest@wia.org.au


will be awarded for the following:

  • Top score YL overall
  • Top score YL phone only
  • Top score Australian YL CW
  • Top score DX YL
  • Top score ALARA member in each country and VK call area
  • Top score OM in each continent
  • Top score SWL in each continent
  • Top score, VK YL Foundation Licence holder
  • Top score overseas YL CW
  • Top score VK Club station


will be awarded to the following:

  • Top scoring Australian YL
  • Top scoring Foundation Licence Alara member

The Top scoring VK non-Alara member will be awarded 1 year’s membership to ALARA.


Operators of Club stations may use the Club call only for contacts, and MUST identify each contact as with a Club station. Use of personal callsigns while operating as a Club member is not permitted. A Club station will be recognized as such whether operators are YL or OM. If the Club call is used, the score will be as a Club station.

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