ALARA members hail from all over Australia, and we also have our sponsored DX members scattered around the world.

Our members vary in age from schoolgirls to retirees; we have various backgrounds and careers, along with our families and other hobbies and interests.

You can read about some of our members on these pages and learn a little about their background to discuss next time you meet them on air!

Paula VK8ZI

Paula is our most northerly member, hailing from Darwin in the Northern Territory. She is also one of our Digi Mode enthusiasts and enjoys FT8.

How did you get into Amateur Radio?

computer logging screen I married Richard VK8RR than VK4ZRE and decided at an early stage that I need to know what this was all about. Enjoyed the social activities as well, of which there were many. With RSGB and ARRL I studied to gain my licence which I have now had for 40+ years. Lloyd VK4ALW (SK) very patiently sent me CW most nights on 80 meters. I also got my love of bushwalking from hiking up hills around the central highlands in Queensland looking for likely spots for a repeater.

What is your main interest in Amateur Radio?

alara member The last few years my main interest has been FT8.I like challenge of WSJT-X. It has become an easier task since the FT857 was replaced with an Icom-7300. 20 to 50 watts is my power output and usually get good results. I use an AV680 vertical aerial mounted above the carport roof. Earlier my main interest was DX on 10 and 15 meters. I also did some on 6 meters when Richie was at work and I could get to the radio..

What is your biggest ham-related success?

Paula giving a talk in Cambodia Attending the SeaNet conventions in varies parts of Asia for the last 10 years I was privileged to be part of the SeaNet team and speak at a convention in Cambodia.

What do you do for work?

an old morse key I still work part time as a contractor for the Museum and Art Gallery of NT.I assist with the collection and in conservation. My biggest contract of the year is NATSIAA. National Aboriginal & Torres Straits Art Award (Telstra Awards)

What are your favourite non-radio activities?

Paula sitting with binoculars I have enjoyed many craft activities over the years as well as sailing, snorkelling, reading and sewing. The hobby that has outlasted all others is bird watching. I began as a child with my mother and always manage to fit it in where ever I go.

How have you benefited from being an ALARA member?

I have enjoyed the few years I have been in Alara and have managed to attend 2 VK5s Christmas lunches. The ladies made me very welcome.