Aim: The aim is to score 10 points to qualify for the Award.

This Award is available to YLs, OMs and SWLs contacting ALARA members on or after 1st July 2006.

(Anyone who holds an original Award may apply for the new Award.)

  • VK/ZL: 10 contacts, including 4 Australian Call Areas
  • DX: 5 contacts, including 3 Australian Call Areas.
  • Conditions: All contacts must be made from the same call area. Repeater contacts and officials ALARA net contacts do NOT qualify, contests DO qualify.

General Conditions: Applicants must submit a log extract signed and declared to be a true record of contacts made. Headings must include Date, Time (UTC), Band, Mode, Callsign and Name of the ALARA member contacted. Addresses: Full name, address, signature and callsign of applicant are required.

Addresses: Full name, address, signature and callsign of applicant are required.

Costs: Fee, to accompany each application, for the Award is A$5 or equivalent 4IRCs.

The ALARA Awards Custodian is Marilyn

Send ALARA Award applications to:

Marilyn Syme VK5DMS
Unit 14, 142 Marian Road,
Glynde S.A. 5070 Australia


The 35th ALARA Contest was held 29th – 30th August 2015. See the results.

NOTE: Contest is always on the last FULL weekend of August.

ELIGIBILITY: All licensed operators throughout the world are invited to participate.

OBJECT: To encourage YLs in the use of amateur radio. YLs work everyone; OMs work YLs

Contest: Combined phone and CW run over two 10 hour time slots:

Saturday 29th August 2015 ­ 0400 hours UTC to 1359 hours UTC
Sunday 30th August 2015 ­ 0400 hours UTC to 1359 hours UTC

SUGGESTED FREQUENCIES: Bands to be used are 3.5, 7, and 14 MHz only.

The following are suggested frequencies for easier location of contacts:Contest cert2

  • 3.560 to 3.590
  • 7.070 to 7.100
  • 14.250 to 14.280
  • Contacts made on ECHOLINK and TWO METRES will also be accepted. (Separate logs for these would be preferred)


Single operator only (1 operator per call sign).

  • N.B. If YL is operating as a 2nd operator her husband/partner CANNOT participate in the contest.
  • Every individual phone or CW contact may be counted.
  • There must be an interval of greater than 1 hour between contacts with any one station on any one band and in the same mode.
  • All contacts must be made in accordance with operator and station licence regulations.


  • Phone: Call “CQ ALARA contest”
  • CW: YLs call “CQ test ALARA”
  • OMs call “CQ YL”


  • ALARA member: RS or RST, serial no. starting at 001, ALARA member, name.
  • YL non-member, OM: RS or RST, serial no. starting at 001, name and whether YL, OM.
  • OMs work YLs only.


  • PHONE:
    • 5 points for ALARA member logged
    • 4 points for YL non-member logged
    • 3 points for OM logged
  • CW
    • All contacts made on CW count for double points
  • OM
    • 5 points for ALARA member logged
    • 4 points for YL non­member logged

LOGS: Single log entry. Logs must show date/time UTC, band, mode, call sign worked, report & serial no. sent, report & serial no. received, name of operator of station worked and points claimed.

Paper and electronics logs both welcome.


  • Logs also to show full name, call sign and address of operator, and show final score (points claimed).
  • Logs must be legible. No logs will be returned.
  • Decision of the Contest Manager will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Logs must be received by the Contest Manager by: 30th September, 2015

4 Perry Barr Road
AUSTRALIA OR: [email protected]

Certificates will be awarded for the following:

  • Top score YL overall
  • Top score YL phone only
  • Top score YL EchoLink
  • Top score Australian YL CW
  • Top score DX YL
  • Top score ALARA member in each country & VK call area
  • Top score OM in each continent & VK call area
  • Top score VK YL Foundation Licence holder

A trophy will be awarded for the following:

  • Top scoring Australian YL
  • Top scoring Foundation Licence ALARA member
  • The Top scoring VK non-ALARA member will be awarded 1 year’s membership to ALARA

PLEASE NOTE: This Contest is always held on the last complete weekend of August. Paper logs are most welcome.

EXTRA POINTS: As ALARA will be 40 years old this July, you will be able to gain a total of 40 extra points if you can contact Jenny VK5JAY and Lesley VK5LOL on both 80m and 40m (10 points per contact to a maximum of 40). They have both been members of ALARA for 10 years.