The 39th ALARA Contest was held 24-25 August 2019.

Name Callsign Result Notes
Sue VK5AYL 555 Top overall, Top Phone, Top VK5 member
Linda VK7QP 502 Top VK7 Member
Catherine VK7GH 249
Leonie VK2LDM 127 Top VK2 member
Michelle VK2FMYL 77 Top Foundation License ALARA member, Top Echolink
Lyn VK4SWE 72 Top VK YL CW, Top VK4 Member
Andrew VK3LTL 70 Top VK3 OM
Dot VK2DB 50
Ngaire ZL2VJT 46 Top DX YL member
Bryan VK3BWM 40
Rhoderick VK2TTL 35 Top VK2 OM
Neil VK3NM 35
Paula VK8ZI 28 Top VK8 member
Norma VK2YL 23
Derek VK3DEK 20
Lesley VK5LOL 16
Bev VK6DE 15 Top VK6 member
Graeme VK6MIL 10 Top VK6 OM
Kim VK3FMIK 10
Graeme ZL2APV 10 Top DX OM
Elizabeth VK2XSE 10

ALARA Members 13 (incl 1 DX Member)
OMs 8 (incl 1 DX OM)

It was great to see nearly double the participation this year and also to have all the logs arrive by email this year - no waiting on snail mail to make the deadline!
Again, we must thank all those OMs who gave the girls points, even if they didn't put in a log.

Congratulations to Sue VK5AYL, who worked hard in just her second ever contest and took top points! I'm sure her OM Richard kept up her sustenance throughout - thank you Richard.

It was also great to see more use being made of Echolink this year, as conditions do not improve very much on HF. Michelle VK2FMYL made a good score on this mode and I hope more use will be made next year, as 6 girls made use of it this year. Lyn VK4SWE also made a good score on CW.

So now it's time to look forward to another contest next year. Thank you everyone for taking part and supporting ALARA.

Marilyn VK5DMS - ALARA Contest Manager