The 37th ALARA Contest was held 26-27 August 2017.

Name Callsign Result Notes
Linda VK7QP 6800 Top overall, Top VK7 ALARA member (Plaque)
Jenny VK3WQ 1920 Top VK3 Member
Elizabeth VK1FELF 1269 Top Foundation
Top Non-Member
Shirley VK5YL 900
Hillary VK2AX 856 Top OM
Bill ZL3VZ 520 Top DX OM
Suzanne VE7IM 455 Top DX Non-Member
Michelle VK2FMYL 335
Kaye VK3FKDW 324
Derrick VK2DEK 270
Maureen VE3IO 225
Lyn VK4SWE 126
Ron VK3FI 120
Gordon VK2FAIB 100
Steve VK2SVN 45
Mark VK4TMZ 45
Bob VK6POP 15
Ulrich VK2UTL 10
Geoff VK5HEL 10

Congratulations to Linda VK7QP for again taking out Top Overall and Top Member.
A fantastic effort by Elizabeth Hickey VK1FELF on 40m phone to take out the Top Foundation spot and winning a 12-month membership to ALARA.
Once again Hillary Bridel scooped the OM pool with a great score.

7 YL Members
3 Non-Members including 2 DX
10 OMs including 1 DX
Soapbox Comments:
Generally, OM's bemoaning the lack of YLs on HF and although conditions weren't perfect, calling CQ ALARA Contest on 20m and 40m did attract good results.

Diane Main VK4DI

ALARA Contest Manager