Well this was the best number of logs we have ever had! It was great to have such a large number of OMs taking part (even though there were many more on air who did not send a log!), and of course the interest shown by the F calls was terrific. Everyone seems to have enjoyed the experience, so perhaps even more will join in next year.

A special mention must be made of the effort put in by Emma VK2FEAH. She is only 11 and conducted herself very professionally and managed a very creditable score. Well done Emma, you have a special award for the youngest ever to take part!

Westlakes Amateur Radio Club operated with all YL members, who also did very well. It was such a pity that quite a few OMs had not read the rules quite thoroughly, and were confused by a Club (which of course can only score 3 points for YLs only) operated by ladies. Hopefully this confusion will sort itself out by next year.

Congratulations to Gerald VK2HBG who became top OM for the second year, while Marisa VK4FMAR put in a sterling effort to take out the top F call.

The top scores are extremely impressive, and show great dedication (and possibly a sleepless night!)

I must thank all those who sent in their logs so early – my email was swamped. This was very good, as I left for a month overseas during September. I only had 16 logs to check when I arrived home – very welcome! The email facility seems to be very popular, and I certainly appreciate receiving them that way.

I did notice that the full signal report was not always noted – this is one of the rules, so please try to make your logs correct.

Now I guess we will all be preparing for another enjoyable Contest in 2008 on the last full weekend of August, which will be 30th & 31st. I’ll hopefully catch you all again then.

Thank you everyone for making it such a wonderful Contest.

33, Marilyn VK3DMS

YL Callsign Result Notes
Catherine VK4VCH 2425 Top overall, Top phone, Top VK4 ALARA member
Pam VK2PAM 1917 Top VK2 ALARA member
Rosa VK2ANG 1880  
Rosanne VK7NAW 1048 Top VK7 ALARA member
Marisa VK4FMAR 829 Top Foundation licencee
Lesley VK5HLS 729 Top VK5 ALARA member
Westlakes AR Club VK2ATZ 706 Top Club
Gerald VK2HBG 566 Top OM
Jean VK3FJYL 549 Top VK3 ALARA member
Mike VK3AVV 472  
Dawn VK4FTBA 376 Top VK non-member
Pat VK3OZ 306  
Tracey VK2FTBH 287  
Ralph VK2IRP 276  
Emma VK2FEAH 271 Special Award
Christine VK5CTY 231  
Margaret VK4AOE 214  
Kerri-May VK3FDSD 212  
Tom VK4ATH 208  
Neil VK4FHYH 201  
Jenny VK5ANWp3 199  
Dot VK2DB 193  
Chris VK2LCD 191  
Celia ZL1ALK 175 Top ZL ALARA member
Gold Coast ARC VK4WIG 168  
Marilyn VK3DMS 167 CHECK LOG
John VK3MGZ 156  
Muriel VK3KNM/2nd op. 146  
Central Coast ARC VK2AFY 143  
Gail VK4FGLS 136  
Grahame VK3YCG 100  
Gerard VK5ZQV 98  
Steve VK5AIM 93  
Lyn VK4SWE 92  
Jeanne VK5JQ 88  
Marilyn VK7FMAZ 84  
Justin VK7TW 74  
Colin VK3LO 74  
Elizabeth VE7YL 71 Top VE ALARA member
Susan VK3FXXX 70  
Tim VK7ATK 69  
Alan VK8AV 65  
Minnie VE3DBQ 60  
Keith VK5OQ 59  
David VK3FUEL 50  
Diana VE7XYL 18  
Bill VK2ZCW 15  
John VK2ZOI 10  
Peter VK2ZCU 5  
ALARA members 25 (inc. 4 DX members)
non-member YLs 2  
Oms 19  
Clubs 3  
Total Logs 49