Held on 25th/26th August, 2012

Name Callsign Result Notes
Catherine VK4GH 846 Top overall, Top Phone, Top VK4 ALARA member
Jean VK3VIP 674 Top VK3 ALARA member
Ngaire ZL2UJT 275 Top DX YL
Gerald VK2HBG 170 Top VK OM, Top VK2 OM
Jenny VK3WQ 142
Lesley VK5LOL 135 Check log
Shirley VK5YL 196 Top VK5 ALARA member
Bill ZL3VZ 105 Top ZL OM
Marilyn VK3DMS 84
Margaret VK3FMAB 81 Top Foundation licencee
Dot VK2DB 76 Top VK2 ALARA member
Karen VK2AKB 69
Christine VK5CTY 68
Peter VK5KX 60 Top VK5 OM
David VK5KC 45
Hans VK5YX 30
Joy VK5BAR 20
Celia ZL1ALK 20
Matt VK2ACL 20
Elizabeth VE7YL 15 Top Canadian ALARA member
Miles VK6MAB 15 Top VK6 OM
Evelyne F5RPB 5 Top French ALARA member

The 32nd ALARA 2012 contest, held August 25-26, attracted 22 participants [who sent logs], and between them they made 852 contacts.

ALARA Contest Manager, Lesley Smit, VK3LOL: I was very happy to announce the winners but disappointed more YLs did not get on the air, though the participation rate was by no means the lowest since the contest was initiated in 1981.

Congratulations go to Catherine VK4GH who is once again the top scoring YL overall with Ngaire ZL2UJT the top scoring DX YL; Gerald VK2HBG the top scoring VK OM and Bill ZL3VZ the top scoring ZL OM. Margaret VK3FMAB, the ALARA Publicity Officer, won the Foundation Licencee trophy.

Everyone who participated seemed to have had a good time.

A number of YLs said they had trouble hearing others mainly because there were so few
YLs around particularly on 20 metres. Several members with equipment difficulties said
they would welcome an Echolink section in future Contests.

I hope conditions are good next year and we can make the contest a busier one.