Congratulations to all who participated in this year’s ALARA Contest held 29/30 August 2009.

The VK4s lead the way with Catherine VK4VCH being the top overall winner followed by Diane VK4YL the top VK non-member and Pam VK4PTO with a mighty score of 1526 points.

Jean VK3VIP was the only one close to them with her sterling effort of 1384. Congratulations ladies!

Pat VK3OZ is our top VK CW YL again. I really appreciated Pat’s letter which said how much she enjoyed the contest. I would like to think that this is what the ALARA Contest is about: a lot of friendliness and opportunities for ladies to come up on the air.

Gerald VK2HBG is the Top VK OM for the 4th year in a row. Come on OMs he needs a bit of competition!

Next year we are hoping to issue a certificate for the top OM in each VK area. We really do appreciate the OMs coming up and giving the girls lots of contacts.

The ALARA Contest is a great opportunity to try out Mike VK3AVV’s computer logging program. It certainly makes my life easier as contest manager.

I would also like to see Club Stations come up in each VK area so that our Foundation Licencees can have the opportunity to gain some confidence on the air. Leonie VK2FHRK has taken out our Top Foundation Licencee trophy for the 2nd year in a row and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if there was some serious competition.

We had a few DX contestants: Sharron ZL3AE, Celia ZL1ALK, Mary WX4MM and Elizabeth VE7YL. Thanks ladies for making the effort to participate. Hopefully more DXers will come on board with the improvement in the solar cycle.

Next year we are hoping to use the VK100WIA special callsign during the contest. There probably will be some extra points to be gained if you contact the call. We will all be celebrating the fact that the WIA is 100 years old. Quite an achievement.

33, Lesley VK5LOL, ALARA Contest Manager

YL Points Notes
Catherine VK4VCH 2010 Top overall, Top Phone, Top VK4 ALARA member
Diane VK4KYL 1832 Top VK non-member
Pam VK4PTO 1526
Jean VK3VIP 1384 Top VK3 ALARA member
Pat VK3OZ 630 Top VK YL CW (CW score 140)
Gerald VK2HBG 503 Top VK OM
Leonie VK2FHRK 394 Top VK2 ALARA member, Top Foundation Licencee
Sharron ZL3AE 314 Top DX YL, Top DX CW, Top ZL ALARA member
Dot VK2DB 304
Lesley VK5HLS 267 (Check log)(now VK5LOL)
Mike VK3AVV 254
Port Stephens ARC 244 Top VK Club Station
(VK2AOJ) Operators
Melisa VK2FMAI
Richard VK2FRKO
Rosanne VK7NAW 239 Top VK7 ALARA member
Paul VK5NE 239
Tom VK4ATH 213
Gwen VK3DYL 211
Graeme ZL2APV 107 Top ZL OM
Chris VK2LCD 106
Roland VK4VDX 102
Jenny VK5ANW/3 90
Celia ZL1ALK 54
Graham VK4GLC 44
Mark VK4MON 44
Keith VK5OQ 43
Shirley VK5YL 40 Top VK5 YL
Mary WX4MM 28 Top USA ALARA member
Tony VK3VTH 13
Elizabeth VE7YL 5 Top VE ALARA member
ALARA members 15 ( including 4 DX members)
Non-member YLs 1
OMs 11
Club station with 4 participants 1