The 36th ALARA Contest was held 26-27 August 2016.

Name Callsign Result Notes
Linda VK7QP 5770 Top overall, Top VK7 ALARA member (Plaque)
Jean VK3VIP 4296 Top VK3 Member
Phone & Echolink
Shirley VK5YL 2775 Top VK5 Member
Phone & Echolink
Lyn VK4SWE 2480 Top VK4 Member
Phone, CW & Echolink
Bev VK6DE 1197 Top VK6 Member, Top Echolink
Helen VK2FENG 1152 Top VK2 Member, Top Foundation (Plaque)
Phone & Echolink
Diane VK4DI 8112 Checklog
Ngaire ZL2UJT 105 Top ZL Member
Hilary VK2IUW 5111 Top OM Overall, Top ZL OM
Phone, CW & Echolink
Col VK4CC 320 Top VK4 OM
Phone & CW
Ian VK7IF 275 Top VK7 OM
Mike V3AJV 275 Top VK3 OM
Geoff VK5HEL 120 Top VK5 OM
Ian VK6DW/P 100 Top VK6 OM
Gordon VK2FAIB 100 Top Foundation OM
Bill ZL3VZ 510 Top ZL OM

This year's ALARA Contest saw some changes to the rules with a return to a straight 24 hour contest and the introduction of multipliers to give the contest a bit more interest.

I did notice that a number of YL participants didn't realise that the exchange format had changed.

The rules were up on the website from late May and printed in AR Magazine prior to the date of the contest.

I also had a number of announcements on the WIA news. The rules for next year won't change significantly. The majority of contacts were on phone with only 3 members using echolink exclusively, and no 2m contacts at all. The inclusion of echolink has resulted in a number of negative comments directed at the contest format, but as we have a few members who can only use echolink it will remain in the short term.

Mike VK3AVV kindly updated his VKCL Contest Logging program to incorporate the new rules.  The ALARA contest has been included in this VK specific contest log for over 10 years. Mike is very generous in providing the program free.

A total of 25 logs were received which is 5 more than last year.
Conditions weren't that great for DX but there was a reasonable amount of VK /ZL activity.
Once again there weren't a lot of YL's on air and I wonder if this is because they think contests are difficult and maybe just need to gain confidence to get on and have a go.

Perhaps asking a local club to assist with learning computer logging or getting involved with a field day will give the YL's some extra skills to make this contest great again.

The ALARA Contest isn't one where you need to operate at breakneck speed, but is one where newer operators can get involved comfortably.

Diane Main VK4DI - ALARA Contest Manager

25 Logs  submitted
14  x VK ALARA members
1 x ZL Member
no YL Non-Members
9  x VK OM Logs
1 x ZL OM Log