The 34th ALARA Contest was held 30-31 August 2014.

Name Callsign Result Notes
Amanda VK3FQSO 1002 Top overall, Top Alara Foundation Licencee, Top VK3 ALARA member
Julie VK3FOWL 789
Lyn VK4SWE 518 Top YL CW (CW score 518)Top VK4 Alara member
June VK4SJ 287
Jenny VK3WQ 261
Pam VK4ON 175
Mike VK3JV 115 Top VK3 OM
John VK7XX 105 Top VK7 OM (CW score 80)
Lesley VK5LOL 96 Check Log (Echolink 27)
Sally VK2FBND 84 Top VK2 Alara Member
Hal VK7HAL 80
Catherine VK4GH 66
Bev VK6DE 65 Top YL Echolink (Echolink 65) Top VK6 Alara member
Nicholas VK3ANL 60
Suzanne VE7IM 54 Top DX YL (Echolink 39)
Marija 9A5SM 52 Top DX YL CW (CW score 52)
Doug VK2ODD 50 Top VK2 OM
Elizabeth V7YL 47 Top Canadian Alara member(Echolink 33)
James VK2ZMC 45 Check Log
Ngaire ZL2UJT 36 Top ZL Alara member
Paul VK1ATP 35 Top VK1 OM
Dot VK2DB 35
Chris VK2ACD 30
Akihito JA0VTK 10 (CW score 10)
Yuri UA9JLL 10 Check log (CW score 10)
Lars SE4E 8 (CW score 8)

(Contest always held on the last full weekend in August)

This contest was a difficult one for all concerned due to poor radio conditons and a lack of YLs and OMs. A big thank you goes to all of you who did participate.

It was wonderful to see the competition between 2 of our F calls, Amanda VK3FQSO and Julie VK3FOWL. It is a pity there can only be one winner and that is Amanda who has won both trophies: Top overall and Top Alara Foundation Licencee. Congratulations Amanda!

VK4SWE, Lyn, inspired some interest in CW with a few overseas CW operators coming out of the woodwork including a YL Marija 9A5SM from Croatia. Lyn is our top CW YL with a score of 518.

Echolink is great for those who no longer have access to big antennas and also helps when radio conditions are not so good. Bev VK6DE is our top YL in the Echolink section. Good on you, Bev!

Unfortunately I was the only VK5 participant. The rest of our YLs were too busy gadding around the world! Christine VK5CTY, represented us at the 75th YLRL meet in U.S.A.; Jeanne VK5JQ spent time in England & Norway; Meg VK5YG was cruising around the world and Shirley VK5YL was a bit closer to home on Lord Howe Island.

Let's hope radio conditions are perfect and the Australian dollar is low so we can have more participants next year.

Lesley R. Smit VK5LOL Alara Contest Manager