The 40th ALARA Contest was held 29-30 August 2020.

Name Callsign Result Notes
Linda VK7QP 829 Top overall, Top Phone, Top VK7 member
Catherine VK7GH 766 Honourable Mention
Michelle VK2FMYL 348 Top Foundation License ALARA member, Top Echolink, Top VK2 member
Alisha VK2FASH 280 Honourable Mention
Lilly VK2FLIC 280 Honourable Mention
Jennifer VK3WQ 246 Top VK3 Member
Bev VK6DE 189 Top VK6 Member
Norma VK2YL 154
Lyn VK4SWE 124 Top VK YL CW, Top VK4 Member
John VK2YW 113 Top VK2 OM
Lesley VK5LOL 102 Top VK5 Member
Shirley VK5YL 87 Honourable Mention
Dot VK2DB 86
Steven VK5ST 83 Top VK5 OM
Paula VK8ZI 78 Top VK8 Member
Shirley VK7HSC 69
Tina VK5TMC 68
Peter VK7KPC 64 Top VK7 OM
Roderick VK2TTL 54
Catherine VK2FCAZ 49
Yern VK2KJJ 45
Geoff VK5RK 45
Bryan VK3LF 39 Top VK3 OM
Stephen VK3VLF 24
Angela VK7FAMP 23
Garry VK3XCI 20
Randall VK6WR 20 Top VK6 OM
David VK2JDR 14
Cheryl VK1CB 10
Alexey NW7M 10 Top DX OM
Philip VK2NE 10
Graeme VK6MIL 10
John VK2AWJ 5

ALARA Members 17
YL Non Members 1
OMs 15 (incl 1 DX OM)

What a turnout! This year COVID 19 made all our lives more difficult than ever but Amateurs across the world embraced their hobby even more. Conditions haven't been the best but who cares in a pandemic, we could still communicate with each other, under slightly less favourable conditions and with so many options. One of the girls in the contest even used Echolink from her hospital bed!

A big thank you to all the OMs who joined in and gave the girls points, even if they didn't put in a log.

Congratulations to Linda VK7QP for taking the top position. Her hard work and determination paid off.

We had 10 girls using Echolink this year and Michelle VK2FMYL took out the top prize. Michelle told me that the noise level at her QTH makes operating HF impossible.

CW was also a favourite mode this year for 4 YLs who made the attempt. Lyn VK4SWE took out the top prize for this mode. Many of these girls entered the contest with CW for the first time, practising with each other on a weekly basis and thoroughly enjoying themselves. Watch this space, I'm sure it will increase next year. Well done to our newest 'tappers' - Catherine VK7GH, Lesley VK5LOL, and Shirley VK5YL.

I wanted to make mention of 2 very young YLs, Lilly VK2FLIC and Alisha VK2FASH who shared the mic with each other, both with equal numbers. They worked very hard during the contest and I'm sure we'll hear a lot more from these girls.

Looking forward to next year's contest and seeing many more participants. Thank you so much for taking part and supporting ALARA.

So now it's time to look forward to another contest next year. Thank you everyone for taking part and supporting ALARA.

Sue VK5AYL - ALARA Contest Manager