Held on 27th/28th August, 2011

Name Callsign Result Notes
Catherine VK4GH 1307 Top overall, Top Phone, Top VK4 ALARA member
Pam VK4PTO 572
Leonie VK2FHRK 344 Top Foundation Licencee, Top VK2 ALARA member
Gerald VK2HBG 269 Top VK OM, Top VK2 OM
Mike VK3AVV 210 Top VK3 OM
Phillip ZL2U 205 Top ZL OM
Jenny VK3WQ 196 Top VK3 ALARA member
Paul VK5PAS 165 Top VK5 OM
Bill ZL2AYZ 150
Lesley VK5LOL 135 Check log
Dot VK2DB 123
Marilyn VK3DMS 98
Shirley VK5YL 86 Top VK5 ALARA member
Paul VK2HV 65
Chris VK2ACD 50
Matthew VK2ACL 25
Tom YL2PP 9 Top European OM
Mavis VK3KS 6 Top VK YL CW
Eric SM1TDE 5
ALARA members 9
Non-member YLs 0
OMs 10
Total Logs 19


Comments on 31st ALARA Contest Results

Congratulations to those who did well in the ALARA Contest in spite of the poor participation rate by YLs.

I am interested in receiving feedback re what we can do to encourage YLs to get on the air. I’m not sure that a contest is the way to go. YLs generally prefer to chat than contest!

Catherine, VK4GH, is the top overall winner with 1307 points. Sterling effort, Catherine. She did well on 20 metres having contacts with 42 different countries. A pity there were no YLs amongst those contacts.

Leonie, VK2FHRK, is the top Foundation Licensee with 344 points.

I am pleased to award Mavis, VK3KS, the top CW certificate. Mavis has been contesting since the earliest days of the contest.

Sadly there were no non-ALARA members on air to win the free membership to ALARA for a year. This year you would have only needed one contact plus submitting a log to me to win that membership!!

Gerald, VK2HBG, is the top VK OM with 269 points. A great big thank you to the OMs who persisted in spite of the lack of YLs.

Let’s see if we can all make a better effort next year.

Lesley VK5LOL, ALARA Contest Manager