The 41st ALARA Contest was held on 28-29th August 2021.

Name Callsign Result Notes
Catherine VK7GH 746 Top scoring Australian YL (Trophy), Top score YL overall,
Top score YL phone only, Top VK7 Member
Marija VK5MAZ 418 Top VK5 Member
Linda VK7QP 367
Jenny VK3MDR 352 Top score YL Echolink
Nora VK5NYD 229
Paul PA5UL 208 Top OM from Europe
Lesley VK5LOL 191
Esther LU9DKU 189 Top score DX YL
Ngaire ZL2UJT 185 Top New Zealand Member
Winston Hills GG VK2GGZ 175 Top VK2 Alara Member
Philip VK3JNI 137 Top VK3 OM
Peter VK7KPC 132 Top VK7 OM
David VK5AYD 126 Top VK5 OM
John VK2YW 114 Top VK2 OM
Dot VK2DB 104
Shirley VK5YL 103
Noelene VK2GNM 103
Jennifer VK3WQ 99 Top VK3 Member
Wayne VK2DWP 99
Eagles VK7LJB 84 Top scoring Foundation Licence ALARA member (Trophy)
Top score VK YL Foundation Licence holder
Anna VK5ANA 66
Paula VK8ZI 65 Top VK8 Member, Top score Australian YL CW
Roberto LU3EAR 55 Top OM from South America
Robert VK3AMO 55
Ary YD2DOP 44 Top OM from Asia
Justin VK2JEH 40
Tony VK3YV 40
Tigers VK7HSD 40 Honourable Mention
Jørgen VK2KJJ 35
Stephan VK3VLF 35
Cheryl VK1CB 33 Top VK1 Member
Peter VK3LSN 30
Keith VK5OQ 25
Bill ZL3VZ 25 Top OM from New Zealand
Peter VK2KA 20
Tracy VK3TTT 5
Colin VK5COL 5

ALARA Members 14
YL Non Members 4
OMs (incl 4 DX OM's) 19
OM Alara Members 1

Despite solar flares which upset conditions on the Saturday, we had a very good turn out. This year COVID-19 continued to make all our lives more difficult than ever but Amateurs across the world took up their hobby in lockdown and conditions have been on the improve.

Congratulations to Catherine, VK7GH for taking the top position. We had 11 YL's using Echolink this year and Jenny, VK3MDR took out the top prize for that mode.

A huge thank you to all the OM's who joined in and gave the YL's points, even if they didn't put in a log.

I wanted to make mention of the Scouts and Girl Guides who joined us this year, they did very well and quite confident in the use of the radio. Our Top Foundation Licence award was taken out by VK7LJB - Eagles.

With Covid a distant memory, let's all celebrate next year by coming out and participating in the Alara Contest. Thank you so much for taking part and supporting ALARA.

Sue VK5AYL - ALARA Contest Manager