This year was an even better year than 2005. Conditions were excellent, with most of the activity taking place on 40 and 80 metres, and we had the greatest number of participants since 1993! Everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy the Contest, with many comments about how friendly it was. After all, that’s how we want it to be. One big change this year was the number of logs received by email – 26 out of the total of 37!

As usual, unfortunately, there were quite a number of calls heard for which no log was received. It doesn’t matter how small the number of contacts, the log is welcome.

Some of the comments made this year: "Most enjoyable"…"I had a ball"…"A really great ALARA Contest"…"A great time on air"…"So pleasing to hear so many ALARA members and great to work the new callsigns too"…"Good to hear so many people contesting"…"It was great to hear the foundation licencees in the thick of it"…"Just a mini log but still enjoyed the opportunity"

I am sure that those Foundation licencees who took part can be very proud of their efforts. As can be seen, an ALARA Foundation licence member had the second top score – well done Catherine VK4FRED! You will be receiving a special trophy to celebrate your achievement. The top score of 1169 points was truly terrific – congratulations to Diane VK4KYL. We welcome a new OM winner this year – Gerald VK2HBG – hope you try again next year. Unfortunately there was very little participation from DX members, but much of this is probably due to the bands, which are not brilliant for DX.

However Elizabeth VE7YL, Elva ZL1BIZ, Celia ZL1ALK & Bev ZL1OS were heard and we all welcomed our contacts with them.

The earlier closing date of September 30 does not seem to have inconvenienced anybody, and it certainly means that I can get the results out much sooner than before.

Now we all hope that 2007 will be as good if not better than 2006, with even more taking part. The 2007 Contest will be held on August 25/26, so mark it is your diary, and we’ll all catch each other again then. Until then, best wishes to all, and thankyou for taking part this year.

33, Marilyn VK3DMS

YL Callsign Result Notes
Diane VK4KYL 1169 Top overall, Top phone, Top VK YL non-member
Catherine VK4FRED 911 Top VK ALARA member, Top Foundation licencee, Top VK4 ALARA member
Pam VK4FABB 735  
Nora VK5NYD 685  
Pat VK3OZ 514 Top VK YL CW, Top VK3 ALARA member
Rose VK2HOP 466 Top VK2 ALARA member
Gerald VK2HBG 455 Top VK OM
Rosanne VK7NAW 416 Top VK7 ALARA member
Chris VK2LCD 407  
Michele VK3FEAT 398 Top VK SWL
Gwen VK3DYL 381  
Leanne VK4PKT 286  
Mike VK3AVV 260  
Dot VK2DB 248  
Robyn VK3WX 247  
Susan VK7LUV 240  
Mal VCK2HSV 235  
Alan VK8AV 234  
Kate VK4XYL 226  
David VK5AYD 220  
Marilyn VK3DMS 188 CHECK LOG
Margaret VK4AOE 167  
Brian VK3FIDX 151  
Bev ZL1OS 141 Top DX ALARA member
Jenny VK5ANW 137 Top VK5 ALARA member
Christine VK5CTY 136  
Shirley VK5JSH 114  
Allen VK5FD 107  
Kathy VK3XBA 85  
Gerard VK2IO 83  
Alan VK7JAB 77  
Dana VK3HHL 73  
Mavis VK3KS 58  
Bron VK3DYF 49  
Elizabeth VE7YL 35 Top VE ALARA member
Elva ZL1BIZ 30  
Philip VK2XPL 15  
ALARA members 21 (DX members 3)
YL non-members 4  
Oms 11  
Total Logs 37